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Hi! I am Łukasz – Programmer and Traveler. I was born and raised in Białystok, in north-eastern Poland. I graduated from the Białystok University of Technology in the field of Computer Science with the title of Engineer. I participated twice in the Erasmus student exchange program at the Universidade da Beira Interior in Portugal, where I spent a total of one and a half years, also Portuguese culture is no stranger to me. Currently I am a programmer, namely FullStack .Net Developer. In autumn 2017 I tried Digital Nomading for 2 months – I lived and worked in Thailand, mainly in Bangkok. In the second half of 2019, I went on a trip around the world – of course with a laptop 🙂

I treat this blog as a kind of diary of my journeys and photo album. I also save useful information here when traveling. It is not my main source of income. Nobody pays me for travel or recommendations. I placed Google AdWords ads on the website so that the website would maintain itself. I hope that the knowledge contained here will also be useful to other people.

beachhub – Koh Phangan, Thailand


Traveling is my next great passion. From an early age, my parents took me on trips around Poland. Now I travel alone or with friends. I studied twice in Portugal, which was also a great opportunity to get to know another country. I also lived in Bangkok, which was my base for weekend trips to neighboring countries. I always try to bring the best photos from the places I have visited, even though I am just a photography enthusiast. In some places I also find small boxes that are part of a game called GeoCaching..

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Professional life

I’m a programmer because I’ve always wanted to do more than just use. As a child, I was wondering how the games on my console – Playstation 1. At that time, I did not have access to the Internet, or even my own computer, but later, when I was a teenager, I modded the servers of the then popular online game servers. I have learned more differently how to influence games with real-time cheats, which I also made myself. This is how I learned how games work. During my studies, I attended various gamedev conferences, such as: WGK in Gdańsk or ZTG in Poznań, and I participated in Game Jamach: Krak Jam 2015 and BialJam – whose first edition I helped to create.

I am currently working as a Full Stack developer in C # .NET and in my spare time I am trying to expand my knowledge.

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C# MVC WPF XAML HTML CSS Javascript jQuery RWD WordPress SFML library XNA/MONOGAME UNITY 3D Leap Motion Controller Legacy OpenGL

As I am interested in gamedev, I must also be a player, not as keen as in the past, but I like to play co-op with my friends from time to time.

Krak Jam 2015


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