Imagine that you are flying by plane, and the on-board entertainment system is not enough for you or want to watch a new episode of your favorite vlog. Or when you’re on the train, the 4G network connection keeps breaking or disappearing completely, and you’re in the middle of watching the document on YouTube?

Did you know that you can download your favorite vlogs and other videos on YouTube before and watch them offline? Well, Google offers this opportunity in developing countries. (You can check the full list of countries here). Fortunately, you do not have to be in these countries to take advantage of it, you can slightly cheat the YouTube application with the help of a VPN client.

VPN – Virtual Private Network. It is a tunnel through which you connect to another server, which only sends your query to the target servers. It enables better protection of privacy or bypassing certain restrictions imposed by national governments. For example, in China, access to the majority of Google services such as Gmail or YouTube, all social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. is blocked. Thanks to VPN connection with the server eg in Hong Kong, we already have the possibility of using services blocked in China.

If you want to be able to download videos from YouTube, you’ll need to install one of the applications available to connect to such private tunnels. Being in China I used ExpressVPN, now I use NordVPN on a daily basis. Both have a rich network of nodes and I can recommend them. What you choose will not make much difference from the point of view of this guide. Most of the VPN services available on the market are payable.

In this guide I will use screenshots from the NordVPN application for Android.

After installing and configuring your VPN account, connect to one of the nodes in the country where Google offers the option to download movies.

On the attached example I chose Thailand, because it was during my stay in this country that I discovered this service.

After successful connection, our internet connections from the phone will be coming out of Thailand. On Facebook, you can see emerging ads in Thai, because from the point of view of websites we live in Thailand.

In the YouTube application, an additional tab should appear at the moment with the downloaded materials, and under each of the videos an additional button to download it.

Once the download is complete, you can disconnect from the internet and watch downloaded videos.

There is a 2-day limit in which you must go online again and connect to your country via VPN.

Last registration of an online connection must indicate one of the countries covered by the service. If you connect to a network without a VPN, the downloaded file will not be available for download.


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