From Krabi to Phuket Via Phi Phi

My next destination after Krabi was Phuket. After analyzing the available transport options, I decided to travel by sea through the Phi Phi islands. It is a great opportunity to visit at least for a moment the island and the bay on which The Beach movie was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio . My ferry departed from Krabi Town at 9:00 am and arrived at the main island of Phi Phi at 10:30. The next ferry to Phuket was at 14:30, so I had a four-hour stop.

This trip can also be made the other way around Phuket – Phi Phi – Krabi.

Luggage Storage

The first thing I did after arriving to Phi Phi was to find luggage storage. It is located on the pier next to the place of charging for admission to the island (20THB). It is run by the government. Luggage is given a number and only with it is possible to pick up our luggage.

Maya Bay

Once I got rid of the suitcase I started looking for a person who will take me to the smaller island of Phi Phi. The prices I heard oscillated around 3000 THB and contained several points. I only wanted a beach in Maya Bay and I was able to negotiate the price of 1900 THB with the option of going ashore. Probably it would be cheaper, but I was under time pressure and I wanted to get there as soon as possible. (Some offer cheaper trips without the possibility of land contact, then the boats stop quite a bit far from the shore, which is due to the fee that the person who brings us should pay for the shore).

The first thing that catches the eye is a crowd of people everywhere, full of boats with tourists. Not without reason, recommended time of day to visit the bay is morning or late evening. I was lucky because I arrived just in time when these morning tourists were gathering to leave the bay, and the next wave of people enjoying afternoon trips has not yet arrived. A dozen or so minutes of waiting and the beach almost deserted.

Phi Phi Viewpoint

I returned from Maya Bay around 13:00 and decided that I would manage this time by visiting the viewpoints on the island. The entrance to it is paid 30 THB and there are some stairs to overcome. There is a poster on the site informing the extent to which the island was destroyed during the tsunami that hit the region in December 2004. I was also a witness of a nice event which was the proposal of a couple 🙂

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