Digital Nomad

A digital Nomad is a person who travels and can do their job regardless of where he lives. All he needs to do is to connect to the internet. Programming is one of those professions that allow it.

I decided to use it and escape from Europe to Southeast Asia from the European autumn weather. The experiment lasted two months, from mid-October to mid-December 2017. On my base, I chose Bangkok in Thailand, where I spent a month and a half and took 4 weekend trips to Cambodia, Chiang Mai, Malaysia and Singapore. After Bangkok, I moved to Koh Phangan where I stayed and worked a week. At the end of the trip, I moved to the western part of Thailand: Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket. I did not make a visa, so I planned trips abroad to not exceed a one-time 30 days in Thailand.

Throughout the journey, I worked for a company from Warsaw. The 6-hour time zone difference did not bother me too much. I used mornings to get to know Bangkok, and in the afternoon I sat down to the computer.


Bangkok – 10 million metropolis, which I liked very much and I feel that I could stay there longer. I rented a flat(Condo) on Airbnb, next to the BTS On-nut station. I had everything I needed there. Stable internet, gym, swimming pool, air conditioning, good access to both airports and the center using the BTS trains, across the street shopping center with Food court and hypermarket. I worked from my apartment, I did not use any of the co-working sites from Bangkok.

Attractions of Bangkok I presented in this entry

Koh Phangan

After a stay in Bangkok, I moved to the south of Thailand. On the small island of Koh Phangan, where there are not as many tourists as on the larger Thai islands: Phuket or Koh Samui. The stay also coincided with the Fullmoon party taking place at the same time on the island. I rented a room here with Charlie who runs the co-working space of Koh Space. For the price of an Airbnb room I had unlimited access to the office. More about the island to see is in this entry.

Koh Space

Koh Space was the place of my everyday work. I can even say that I worked from home, because the co-working office was in the same building as my room. The price for one-day office use is 400THB or 1300THB for 6 days. (This price did not apply to me because it was in the package with Airbnb). Charlie and the girls working there were very helpful and nice. They helped me organize a scooter, which was very helpful for me to move around the island.


Have you ever thought about a front beach office overlooking the ocean? Beachub is co-working exactly in such a place. It is located on the west coast of Koh Phangan. You have to pay THB 500 for working for one day. In this place, you work in a completely different way than in an office building. I sincerely recommend at least one day to work in such circumstances.


I consider the experiment successful and if it were not for personal reasons, then I would choose to work again at the other end of the world. I invite you to see all my entries related to this trip as well as tracking the blog and other journeys.

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Cześć, nazywam się Łukasz i tworzę ten Blog Podróżniczy. Jest mi niezwykle miło Cię gościć. Jestem Cyfrowym Nomadem (Digital Nomad) czyli programistą i podróżnikiem w jednym. Mój zawód pozwala mi pojechać na drugi koniec świata i na co dzień tworzyć soft jako Full stack .NET Developer, a w weekend odwiedzać nowe miejsca i kraje. Mam nadzieję, że spodoba Ci się to co tutaj robię i będzie to przydatne. Po więcej informacji zapraszam do zakładki "O mnie".