Again this post about a project where I had the opportunity to work.

What is Pulsar? It is system, which improves the safety of cigarette factory workers in British American Tobacco. My job was to create multimedia system on big stand, where each employee can read safety instructions, watch movies about safety, play games or if he is „Observer” he can do the workplace observation. System is controlled via Leap Motion, so screens are touchless and control is made by hand gestures in the air. Users are identified by RFID cards. Every stand is connected to main server, where card numbers are processed and stand receive infromation about the user. n this project, I also use arduino to open and close of the drawer.

In the stand now is avaible one game -> Runner where player jump by swipe gesture.

Also only for the Pulsar inaugural event, the game has been modified. The Input was changed from Leap Motion to Voice. Players have to make a shout to jump and collect items

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