Project of personal website

I wanted to try new thing called .Net Core So I wrote a small CMS like app in Asp.Net Core 1.0 contains: Blogs with tags and 2 special categories: Adventures with travels map (it contains the points with travels destinations) and Projects to show post list in different way than normal posts. Application got full feature administration panel with wyswig editor (CKEditor) itegraded with my own gallery.

First, my idea was to create little blog system to check the new growing technologies like .Net Core with Entity Framework Core (MySql database) and new Bootstrap 4. Unfortunatelly EF didn’t support that database yet, so I used standard SQLServer. I used the new View Components for displaying the sidebar components like, categories and Twitter or Instagram Feeds. There was no available plugin that allow me to connect to Instagram API for .Net Core so I used my own little parser for JS.

.Net Core as the younger brother of „normal .Net” is still pretty poor but it is nice too see that in every new version it is growing up with many new function.  Although it is associated with breaking changes. I am aware of that my project is not compatible with newest version of .Net Core but it was fun to try something new.

  • Based on ASP.NET Core RC1
  • Entity Framework Core 1 ->  SQLServer Unlikely the MySql version was not ready yet
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap 4 alpha
  • Font Awesome
  • CKEditor
  • amCharts map

All code is available on my github:


Cześć, nazywam się Łukasz i tworzę ten Blog Podróżniczy. Jest mi niezwykle miło Cię gościć. Jestem Cyfrowym Nomadem (Digital Nomad) czyli programistą i podróżnikiem w jednym. Mój zawód pozwala mi pojechać na drugi koniec świata i na co dzień tworzyć soft jako Full stack .NET Developer, a w weekend odwiedzać nowe miejsca i kraje. Mam nadzieję, że spodoba Ci się to co tutaj robię i będzie to przydatne. Po więcej informacji zapraszam do zakładki "O mnie".