Ok let’s go. It’s my first post on this blog in english. I’m not native english speaker and I do many mistakes but I will try anyway. Have you hear about DVLUP.com? This is Nokia(Microsoft) loyalty program for developers, who write applications for mobile systems offered by Nokia: Windows Phone(Lumia), Android (Nokia X), Symbian (Nokia Asha). Everything is based on realization of challenges. For example, the Challenge is „Chinese New Year” and our task is make cool, useful or funny Chinese themed app. I made simple App called ChineseZodiac which returns us zodiac sign based on our birthyear; zodiac   For every completed task, you receive the points. After collecting a certain number of points, you can exchange it for rewards like: gift cards, vouchers, phones, xboxs and other cool stuff. From DVLUP I got mine yellow Nokia Lumia 625. Most challenges is easy and worth to participate in them. Other App I created for DVLUP challenge is Photo Mixer. Unfortunately I miss the deadline I didn’t receive any points but This App was downloaded almost 30 000 times! So I’m really proud of it. http://neufrin.com/projects/photo-mixer/ mix1

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