Hello guys,

Today I want to introduce you the Game Jam what I organized with my friends on our university. Our city – Białystok is blank space on a gamedev’s map of Poland. My friend Łukasz Wysk ask me to join him and other friend Maciej Szczerba and together fill the blank hole in our city. In the result we created event BialJam (Bial- from Białystok), where 34 people competed in making the best game in 48h. Subject with which they had to face was: „#YOLT – You Only Live Twice”. We spent weekend with amazing people not only locals but from other parts of Poland (Cracow, Warsaw). We are very proud of them. You all can check the games, on official site of event http://bialjam.wi.pb.edu.pl/gry/.


Before the Jam lectures were held on the topics of game development, delivered by invited guests. If you know polish, you can watch them here:

I also recommend reading the article about us in the local press, of course if you know the Polish language.

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