A collection of photos taken by me in Madeira Island. Made mainly with bezelless Samsung NX300 and SJCAM 5000+ sports camera. Mainly they are pictures of nature, which I admired when traveling around the Levades, but also a bit of the city of Funchal. At the end, a…

One Of my friend get Maried. Instead of doing typical bachelor party at the club, we traveled whole country to spend one night at the peak of mountain, at tiny, polish mountains “Bieszczady”.

My girlfriend were at 2 weeks trip over the whole Italy. I catched the plane and come to visit her at Rome. We visited the Eternal City in 3 days.

Portuguese group of islands, near of the west coast of Africa. Land of eternal spring. Place where Cristiano Ronaldo was born. Great destination for people who want to touch the nature, escape from cold winter or hot summer in Europe. Less than 2 hours flight from the Portuguese capital…